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J&J Tree Management has been providing professional tree services to residents in Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn areas For over 16 years . We specialize in skilled climbers, who have been trained in climbing techniques on both trees and steel structures. Our team will climb any type of tree safely and efficiently, without damaging the tree or property damage.

Our skilled climbers are known for their safety-first approach and we make sure every job is completed with a high level of precision with no damage to the property or to the environment.

We also provide a free consultation to our customers so they get exactly what they need done with minimal hassle so they can get back to enjoying their trees.

Knowledge & Experience

As your tree service experts, we offer knowledge of the local tree culture and conditions in the area so you can trust us to treat your trees properly and ensure minimal risk to your property. We also have the skill set necessary to provide you with high-quality services on a timely basis.

Skilled Arborists

Our staff are professional climbers who have been trained by some of the country's leading arborists. They are skilled and experienced, and they've got the knowledge to back it up.

Efficient & Reliable

We strive to provide our customers with consistent and reliable service at a fair price. We make sure that our clients are always satisfied, so you'll have peace of mind knowing you're in good hands!

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Tree Removal

Tree removal is crucial because these trees may fall on your house if they are too close to it or if there is a high risk of their falling on someone else's house.

Tree Pruning

At J&J Tree Management, we take pride in our ability to care for your property by maintaining healthy trees and keeping them free of pests or diseases.

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